In, finding a suitable pricing plan is crucial for your business.

However, it’s important to be aware of the potential hidden costs that may come with it.

This article aims to shed light on these Hidden Costs In Packages, ensuring you make an informed decision when choosing your package.

By understanding these unexpected costs, you can avoid surprises and effectively manage your budget, ensuring your online business’s smooth operation and growth.

1. Hidden Costs In Packages: Free Package

Hidden Costs in Packages


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1.1 Monthly Subscription Fee

The Free Package offered by comes no monthly, making it an affordable option for individuals and small businesses.

This package gives you access to the essential features needed to set up and run your online business efficiently.

1.2 Transaction Fees

In addition to the monthly subscription fee, charges a small transaction fee for each sale made through its platform.

While this fee may seem negligible initially, it is important to consider it when calculating your overall costs, especially if you anticipate a high volume of transactions.

1.3 Additional Features

The Free Package includes various features to help you start your online business.

These features include customizable sales funnels, email marketing automation, membership site creation, and more.

While the Free Package provides a solid foundation, exploring the advanced packages for more comprehensive tools and functionalities is worth exploring.

2. Startup Package

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2.1 Higher Monthly Subscription Fee

Consider upgrading to the Startup Package if you require more advanced features and capabilities.

This package has a monthly subscription fee of $27 compared to the Free Package.

However, the added benefits and functionalities make it a worthwhile investment for businesses looking to scale their operations.

2.2 Increased Transaction Fees

Along with the higher monthly subscription fee, the Startup Package also includes increased transaction fees.

These fees are still relatively low, but it is crucial to factor them into your cost analysis, especially if you anticipate many sales through the platform.

2.3 Advanced Features

The Startup Package offers a range of advanced features designed to help entrepreneurs streamline their online businesses.

These features include upselling and downselling capabilities, advanced email automations, affiliate management, and more.

If you want to take your business to the next level, the Startup Package provides the tools and functionalities to help you achieve your goals.

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3. Webinar Package


3.1 Costlier Monthly Subscription Fee

For businesses focusing on webinars and live events, the Webinar Package is an ideal choice.

However, it is important to note that this package has a costlier monthly subscription fee of $47 than the Free and Startup Packages.

The increased fee reflects the specialized features and support for hosting engaging webinars.

3.2 Elevated Transaction Fees

Similar to the other packages, the Webinar Package includes transaction fees.

While these fees may be higher in the Webinar Package than the lower-tier packages, they are offset by the potential revenue generated through successful webinars.

3.3 Live Webinar Features

The Webinar Package offers a host of features specifically tailored for hosting live webinars.

These features include interactive chat rooms, real-time attendee analytics, automated webinar funnels, and more.

If you rely heavily on webinars to engage with your audience and generate sales, the Webinar Package provides the necessary tools to create impactful and successful events.

4. Unlimited Package

4.1 Premium Monthly Subscription Fee

The Unlimited Package is the most comprehensive package offered by and is designed for larger businesses and enterprises.

It comes with a premium monthly subscription fee of $97, reflecting the extensive tools and features available to support your business’s growth and scale.

4.2 Higher Transaction Fees

In addition to the premium monthly subscription fee, the Unlimted Package also includes higher transaction fees.

These fees are necessary to accommodate the larger volume of sales and transactions typically associated with enterprise-level businesses.

4.3 Extensive Tools and Features

The Unlimited Package provides access to extensive tools and features to help businesses optimize their online operations.

These features include advanced CRM functionalities, VIP support, custom development options, and more.

If you have a large-scale online business or plan to expand rapidly, the Enterprise Package provides the tools to manage and scale your operations effectively.

5. Hidden Fee for Extra Contacts


5.1 Exceeding Contact Limits packages come with predefined contact limits, which refer to your database’s number of individuals or leads.

It is essential to know these limits to ensure you do not exceed them, as this can result in additional charges.

5.2 Additional Charges for Extra Contacts

If you exceed the contact limits included in your chosen package, will charge you extra for the additional contacts.

Tracking and managing your contacts to avoid unexpected costs is crucial.

5.3 Impact on Overall Cost

Exceeding contact limits can significantly impact your overall cost.

It is important to consider the potential growth of your contact database when initially choosing a package.

However, offers the flexibility to upgrade your package if needed, allowing you to adjust to your business’s changing needs.

6. Pricing for Custom Domains


6.1 Cost for Custom Domain Integration allows you to integrate your custom domain for a more professional and branded online presence.

However, it is important to note that this integration may come with additional costs beyond the regular package fees.

6.2 Benefits and Considerations

Integrating a custom domain offers multiple benefits, such as brand recognition, improved SEO, and enhanced credibility.

However, weighing these benefits against the costs involved is essential to determine if they align with your business goals and budget.

6.3 Potential Hidden Costs

While the pricing for custom domain integration is disclosed, it is important to consider any potential hidden costs.

These costs may include domain registration fees, SSL certificate fees, and ongoing maintenance expenses.

Properly assessing and budgeting for these costs will ensure a smooth integration process without surprises.

7. Storage and Bandwidth Limitations

Landing Pages In


7.1 Storage Capacity Constraints packages have predefined storage limits to store your files, such as images, videos, and documents.

Knowing these limitations is crucial to prevent exceeding your allocated storage capacity.

7.2 Importance of Well-managed Files

Properly managing your files, optimizing their size, and periodically cleaning up unnecessary content will help you maximize your allocated storage space.

This proactive approach ensures you stay within your package limits and avoid additional storage charges.

7.3 Implications on Cost and User Experience

Exceeding storage capacity constraints can lead to additional charges.

It can also impact the user experience of your website, resulting in slower loading times and potential errors.

By effectively managing your storage allocation, you can ensure a seamless user experience while keeping costs in check.

8. Hidden Charges for Integrations

8.1 Integration Options and Costs offers various integration options with third-party apps and services to enhance your online business capabilities.

While these integrations can provide valuable functionality, considering any associated costs is crucial.

8.2 Associated Fees with Third-party Apps

Some third-party apps or services used with may have their costs separate from your chosen package.

It is crucial to thoroughly research the pricing and potential hidden charges for these integrations to determine your overall expenses accurately.

8.3 Evaluating Integration Expenses

Before integrating third-party apps or services, carefully evaluate the necessity and impact on your business operations.

Consider the specific features offered, cost implications, and potential benefits to ensure a cost-effective integration strategy that aligns with your objectives.

9. Training and Support Fees

9.1 Availability of Training Resources provides comprehensive training resources, including video tutorials, webinars, and documentation, to help users maximize their platform’s capabilities.

The availability of these resources is essential for users to maximize their investment in

9.2 Premium Support Costs

While basic support is typically included in the package fees, advanced or premium support options may incur additional costs.

Premium support often provides faster response times, dedicated account managers, and priority assistance, which can benefit businesses with more critical needs.

9.3 Balancing Support Expenses

When evaluating your support needs with, consider the level of assistance required, the complexity of your business, and your budget.

Balancing your support expenses ensures you receive the necessary assistance while optimizing your overall costs.

10. Limitations of Free Trial

10.1 Trial Period Duration offers a free trial period to allow potential users to experience the platform’s capabilities before committing to a paid subscription.

It is important to note that the trial period has a specified duration, and after its expiration, you will need to switch to a paid package to continue using the platform.

10.2 Functionalities and Features

While the free trial provides access to many of the platform’s features, it may have limitations compared to the paid packages.

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with any restrictions during the trial period to assess whether meets your business needs accurately.

10.3 Potential Restrictions and Hidden Charges

Some functionalities or features that are only available in the paid packages may not be accessible during the free trial.

Additionally, it is important to be aware of any potential hidden charges or fees that may apply when transitioning from the free trial to a paid subscription.

Thoroughly understanding these aspects ensures a smooth transition and avoids any unexpected costs.

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